Simple Cupcake Recipes To Try

Cupcake recipes that’ll make your guests crave for more…

How your cupcakes look will decide whether you want to eat it or not. First impressions play an important role.

Taking the first bite will determine whether it is as good as it looks. When it does, you’ll be glad you took the first bite.

Below, you’ll find recipes that you can try that are simple and taste good till the last crumb.

But before that, here are some cupcake baking tips that could be useful to know…

Fill 2/3 of cupcake liners with the batter. If too much batter, either your cupcake will flow or sink in the middle, resulting in cupcake failure. 2/3 is the best measurement.
Don’t butter your cupcake liners, as it will cause your cupcakes to become more oily.
Both shiny and non-stick pans can be used to bake your cupcakes.
Prior to baking, be sure to preheat your oven. Let the temperature stay for about 10 mins before start baking.
Cupcake liners made of both paper and foil can be used.
To check whether your cupcakes are nicely baked, take a wooden stick and stick it inside your cupcake. If the cupcake doesn’t stick onto the stick, your cupcake is done and can be served.
After taking out your cupcakes out from the oven, cool them first before serving.

Here are the scrumptious recipes for you to try…

Cheese Cupcake
Almond And Apple Cupcake
Chocolate Raisin Cupcake
More recipes will be added! Check out some time soon.